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This is a community for fans of Garth Nix's Keys to the Kingdom series. So far, there are five books in this series: Mister Monday, Grim Tuesday, Drowned Wednesday, Sir Thursday, and Lady Friday. This community hopes to be a forum for fans to discuss the existing books and speculate about the upcoming ones.

1. Fanfiction, fanart, discussion, polls, etc., are welcome. Quizzes, if they are on-topic, are welcome as well. Please lj-cut them. In fact, try to keep posts at a reasonable length with the lj-cut. It is your friend.

2. Both fanfiction and fanart should be housed on your journal, not the community's. Post a short description of the fic/art, preferably in this format:

Disclaimer: Obviously, unless you're Garth Nix, you don't own these characters.
Author's/Artist's Notes: if applicable.

Then post a link to the fic/art which is on your journal.

3. I have left this community at open membership. Since the books are for younger audiences, it's likely that we will have members of all ages. Therefore, use discretion in your topics. While we allow racier topics, art, and fic, it is up to the members to police themselves by accurately rating their works and staying away from those which they are too young to view.

4. Not everyone has read all of the books. Please be mindful of spoilers: lj-cut.

5. This community has no tolerance for flames or personal attacks. Constructive criticism is not a flame, "Your picture sucks!" is. If you flame, you will be warned once, then banned.

My personal journal is spacetart, if you need anything.
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