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A little bit of art :)

I seem to remember promising some art awhile back, but haven't posted any... until now. I've been trying to draw some, but everything I've come up with, I haven't liked. I'm about to enter a period of serious scanner-lessness (T_T) so I thought I'd share what I've got (a total of 2 pieces, manga style... so if you don't like manga-style... I'm sorry).


This is my best picture of Arthur to date. :) Although I kind of wish I'd used a different, less bleeding pen. And toned the eyes down a little more. They look alien/buggish. :) The hair is probably more Denizen!Arthur than regular!Arthur, but I kind of prefer it that way.

Here's a teaser of Arthur and friends:

Arthur, Leaf, Suzanna

I was just sketching, trying to figure out outfits. Maybe some day I will have time to draw real pictures of them, with color and everything (although I cannot color very well). From L-to-R:

-Arthur in his school uniform, with the minute hand key.
-Leaf. I forgot about the band shirt until too late. And I draw her in a skirt (even though, in retrospect, I don't think she's really a skirt-wearer) as a contrast with Suzy Blue (not pictured) who is not a skirt-wearer at all. And I've been trying to figure out what she should wear on the rest of her legs: knee-high socks, tights, jeans?
-Suzanna Monday's Tierce. I have an idea of what Suzy Blue looks like as Suzy Blue, but all that layers takes awhile, and I just didn't draw it this time. :P I forgot the peacock feathers, and I realize she's supposed to be wearing all white, but whatever.

I'll try to draw more, but I have no idea when I'll be able to share again. Enjoy!
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