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Come on people, where are you?

*blows dust* Wow, I remember that this place used to be a little more active than it is now.

I just wanted to say that there is an extract for the first two chapters of Superior Saturday. It is excellent and I'm really excited about the book coming out. There are also more information about the book on that site. Yeah, there a quite a few spoilers, but not too much to give away the whole book. Proceed with caution.

Arthur is now a Denizen. It is interesting how his transformation isn't like that of a Piper's Child. He features are becoming more handsome and I know that hasn't happened to any Piper's Child. I wonder if the reason could be Arthur is much higher in Precedence  than the children or because he was contaminated in a different way?

I never gave much thought to Arthur as a character before. He seemed like a nice and normal boy and he was just there to give me a ride into the world he steps into. I was more interested in the Denizens as a whole and the craziness of the House than the characters. But I really felt for Arthur when he accepted the fact that he will turn into a Denizen and there is no going back. It is so hard for him to give up his life. As he's gone through one adventure after another, he was hoping that at the very end he would have a normal life. Not so now. He is trying to accept the fact that he would never be a mortal again (as far as we and he knows). He has grown so much in the last few books.

And I wonder who gave Arthur the House phone? It is obvious someone gave it to him and had Erazmuz call directed to him instead of his house so Arthur would know the situation (Saturday is very bold, is she?).

I like the fact that we met Erazmuz. I would love to see a little more of Arthur's family, but that may not be so now with Arthur as a Denizen. And I wonder where Emily is? I wonder if anyone in his family will know the truth about Arthur and what he has gone through. Michaeli got a little taste of that in Sir Thursday.

I'm very excited about this book. I still have a little over a month before it comes out (while those in Australia get it in a couple of days -- lucky!).
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