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Superior Saturday thoughts

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A bit of a musing session and some very long thoughts on Superior Saturday.

I had been waiting for Superior Saturday since reading Drowned Wednesday. There was something so deliciously wicked about Saturday that I craved to know more about.

While the book did deliver on many, many levels it severely lacked the development of Saturday as a Trustee. She was the first Denizen; I wanted to know more about that. We have Lord Sunday to still rely on in wrapping everything up, but... I dunno. Somehow I doubt I'll get the characterization.

Don't get me wrong, Saturday is interesting especially where her motives are concerned but I almost feel I got to know her more in the other books, via her dirty deeds, than I did in this one.

As a demesne, I feel the Upper House wasn't as developed as it could be. Granted the pace of the book was frantic and desperate (which I really loved), the Upper House was a little lacking. Even more-so than the Middle House.

Anyhow, on with my notes and points of interest:

☆ Firstly, Superior Saturday is a fashion reject.

But all that had changed with a sneeze on the surface of a distant, dead star (3). I'm still one who's fixated on (old) Monday's Dusk knowingly being this huge catalyst in the series. I don't care if it's not true or never explained. DUSK STARTED IT ALL BY GIVING THE SNUFF AND THAT IS IMPORTANT.

It was SATURDAY that screwed over the Piper!? Not Sunday! Hahaha.

☆ Erazmuz calling Arthur via a House phone and mentioning “General” Pravuil dropping nukes on the hospital was super weird. Was Erazmuz even on Earth? Why was his phone call routed like that?

Dame Primus is a bitch but I loved when she split herself. Arthur changing into some sort of immortal was amusing because it was painful. I'm with chibimazoku on this: Arthur may become immortal, but I don't think he's turning into a Denizen.

☆ In that same vein, Arthur's blood is gold... like Saturday's former Dusk. Is that just high precedence or something else?

Yay for the sibling explanation for all the Times of Day!

☆ Arthur's internal struggle with his Denizen-like mindset was a little over the top for me. Still, it was interesting to see him lose more and more of his humanity in that sort of way.

☆ I thought the way Part 6 of the Will was handled was really quite awesome. I liked that part a lot: in how Arthur found it, what it was and what it represented.

“I reckon they secretly enjoy being miserable. Gives them a focus in life” (159) Saturday's Supernumeraries were actually quite poignant despite their being aloof and depressed. They represent many adults quite well. Suzy nailed it on the head with that quote: adults too often stay miserable in their lives because it's the only focus they have left.

☆ I'll be honest. The whole drilling up into the Gardens had me confused. I couldn't visualize it, which is odd for a Nix book.

“I'll just have to pick out the smallest,” [Leaf] thought, “And do my best.” (172) Children in this series seem to be the only ones with this mindset. Do what you can, even if you can't do it all. Arthur is realizing this in a hurry and I find that refreshing.

“Everything's going to change,” Arthur told her. “Whether you want it to or not. The only question is whether the change is for the better or the worse”
“We just want to do our job,” said Alyse, repeating the words like a mantra. (196)

This is all about change and nearly everyone in the House is scared to death of it. Brilliant.

☆The House was built AFTER the “Secondary Realms.” Somehow this made me a little sad.

☆ End of the book and Saturday has not been deposed nor has the Key been secured by Arthur. All we've done is move demesnes. I really hope we learn more about Saturday in the final book. I really do.


I still hold that Drowned Wednesday and Sir Thursday are my favorite of the books thus far only because Lady Wednesday was such a developed character and the Great Maze was such a developed demesne. Both books were paced amazingly well too.

Superior Saturday was a fast read, almost too fast. I enjoyed it, but it's not a favorite.

I wonder what Lord Sunday will have in store for the finale.

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