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Has anyone read Superior Saturday?

Okay, who has read Superior Saturday? I can't be the only one here. It was a good book, although a bit too short, and since I read fast it didn't take me long to read it.

Some things I find interesting. Lot's of random thoughts that don't made sense:


I felt like the book raised more questions then it answered. It was interesting how the Denizens where brainwashed into believing the all of the House was made and then the Secondary Realms. It reminds me of how in the real world there is a lot of alteration of history to suite people's needs. Denizens were the ones who told Arthur the history of the Universe - never thinking it was only the version they new, and an incorrect one at that - and took it for fact. The Incomparable Gardens were made first, then the Universe - and since the Universe was so interesting - the Architect made the rest of the House to record everything in the Secondary Realms. It makes me wonder if the Denizens in the Gardens record anything. They may have been some of the first Denizens made. I also wonder if the Garden can be destroyed by Nothing, even though Saturday claims it cannot.

The book concentrates the most on the changes happening with Arthur's transformation into an immortal. And he is not turning into a Denizen! In fact, no one has any idea what he is turning into. He has everything a Denizen has (good looks, tall, can survive fatal wounds) plus gold blood, super human strength, night vision, and can jump very high. The night vision reminds me of the Newniths. As far as I know, Denizens don't have super human strength or night vision. Also, he has horrible thoughts about those lesser than him (which is everyone) and is always trying to suppress it. It takes considerable effort on his part at times that I really worry about how he'll turn out. He is so different than he was in the first book, even without “Superior Denizens” thoughts running through his mind. It is not easy for him to stay low because people can see through him too easily now than in the past. He can't pass off as a Piper's Child or even a regular Denizen. He's way too bossy. XD

There also seems to be some other powers he has that isn't explained like how he can breathe underwater (that may be the key but it is hard to tell), become taller so he can easily disguise himself, and open Alyse's book even though only boss gangs can open it. I wonder if he can open the Atlas without the keys now. And on second thought, where is the Atlas?

I love his conversation with the Old One. It raises so many questions. What is going to happen to Arthur at the end of the series? Can he really go back to a normal boy? With the way he is now, that seems almost impossible. He is so different. I don't think his family would recognize him. I also loved how he talked with the Old One and said that he didn't want to be enemies. I really like the Old One. I also love how he stands up to Dame Primus. She is so arrogant. I wonder what she is up too? And is Superior Saturday really Arthur's nemesis?

I also like the Sixth part of the Will. The best version so far. It stunned Arthur with its kindness.

There wasn't that much quirky Denizens (much too my displeasure) like in Lady Friday. However at the end, when Arthur is in the rocket, the conversion with the Super Supernumeraries was very amusing. It almost made up for the lack of any new interesting Denizens.

There's so much more I want to say, but that's all I can think of now. I'll probably reread Superior Saturday, although a bit slower to take it all in.

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