nate_reed_21 (nate_reed_21) wrote in the_morrow_days,

Moar art

Art Get Under Cut.

Grimm Tuesday (no colours yet, they failed first time)

Suzy Turquiose Blue (and Suzanna)

In colour! :D

I know I said I'd do all the Trustees first, but Suzy was too tempting after seeing dkwrkm version!
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I love the picture of Suzy mainly because of her one green sock. :D
Nice! I completely forgot about that peacock feather thing too. :D I love your Suzy, and Grim Tuesday looks like a biker!
Just to be clear, I meant both Suzys. :)
your suzies make me so happy! the hat? made of win.

Deleted comment

I always imagined Grimm Tuesday much older, but I like your younger version.
I like your versions of Suzy! (What's that little blurb by the peacock feather?)

Bike gangster!Grim Tuesday is also pretty cool.