DonKno (dkwrkm) wrote in the_morrow_days,


*coughs* Is this comm dead?

Why hello, please call me DonKno, or DK for short. I was first hooked on Garth Nix's writing with Sabriel, and it was just natural progression to move on to Keys to the Kingdom after that. (And dare I say it, I am that rare person who actually likes Kttk over the Old Kingdom, even if KttK is aimed at a younger audience... *shrugs*)

Anybody checked out Garth Nix's official web site to check out the Superior Saturday previews?

What do you guys think? Does anybody have any clue as to what Superior Saturday's Deadly Sin is now? (I was only half paying attention...)

If this post proves there is life in this comm, I might post some fanart eventually... hopefully...
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