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Magical Princess Hikki Komori

Inkstains in Turquoise [Keys to the Kingdom genfic, Suzy Turquoise Blue]

Title: Inkstains in Turquoise
Author: tikki_hikki
Rating: K+
Chapter: 01
Summary: Suzanna Monday's Tierce, Suzy Turquoise Blue. But she was born Suzanna Dyer; she was mortal, once. A series of drabbles about Suzy before she met Arthur.
A/N: Warning: Un-betaed! If you would like to be my KttK beta, please contact me! Please read and review, I am a review/comment whore. This is my first Keys fic. =3

( The man was young, and very handsome, with light hair the color of fresh straw, and sharp blue eyes set in a finely-featured face. )

Or at FFNet, if that's what you prefer:
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